Beauty How-To: Add Drama To Your Eyes

Eyeliner is probably the most subtle, yet effective way to enhance your eyes and make them look larger. Done well, no one will even know you are using it. Many women avoid eyeliner, but it gives depth to the lashes and makes them appear thicker. Eyeliners can be used to create different looks.
As a beginner, you may want to start with a pencil for easier control and coordination. Pencils can be smudged for a subtle look and are quite popular since they are easy to apply with fewer mistakes. Pencil eyeliner creates a soft definition to the eyes, while liquid eyeliner is darker and gives a more dramatic effect. When trying to choose which type to use, keep in mind the overall look you hope to accomplish.
Liquid eyeliners can give instant drama but can be hard to apply and require more practice. Use an angular brush for more control and precision.
To keep liner from smearing, use a powder shadow to line the bottom lid instead of the traditional eyeliner pencil. Everyone loves smoky eyes for a sexy look but black liner can sometimes look too harsh. Try using other shades like brown, charcoal, navy or purple for a softer effect.
If you want to make small eyes appear larger, skip lining the bottom lid and line the top.
If your eyeliner melts on the top lid, try lining half way with the eyeliner pencil and then use an angled eyeliner brush to blend it the rest of the way across the eye. Then top the liner with a matching powder eye shadow. It will give you the same effect, but keep your liner from sliding down your face by the end of the day.
If you like the effect of liner, but don’t want the LOOK of liner, try lining between your lashes. This will make lashes look extra thick, but won’t give eyes the appearance of liner.
Last but not least, check your eyeliner throughout the day to make sure it looks fresh.
I would also suggest using an eye shadow primer before applying eyeliner to help your eyeliner glide on smoother and last longer without smudging.
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