Coronavirus in NYC: Queens leads with nearly 22,000 cases as citywide total approached 65,000

REUTERS/Andrew Kelly

While the city’s Health Department announced more than 4,000 new coronavirus patients on Sunday, it also reported that the number of deaths dropped slightly on Sunday compared to Saturday.

In its report as of 5 p.m. April 5, the Health Department tallied 64,955 coronavirus cases in New York City; that’s up 4,105 from the 60,850 reported just 24 hours earlier.

There were also 218 additional coronavirus-related deaths in Sunday’s report, but that was down from the 387 fatalities recorded in the previous 24-hour period from 5 p.m. April 3-5 p.m. April 4.

Queens continues to account for more than a third of the city’s coronavirus patients. In Sunday afternoon’s report, the Health Department reported 21,781 cases in the World’s Borough. Queens also leads the city in coronavirus deaths with 771.

Brooklyn has the second-highest total with 17,520 cases and 668 deaths, followed by the Bronx with 12,738 patients and 627 fatalities, Manhattan with 9,215 infections and 277 deaths, and Staten Island with 3,628 cases and 128 fatalities.

At least 14,205 coronavirus patients in New York City had to be hospitalized, the Health Department reported. That accounts for 22% of all coronavirus cases in the five boroughs.

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