How To Regain And Retain Youthfulness

Exercise physiologist, certified personal trainer, professional speaker and HealthWise columnist Sal Fichera has developed a program geared toward helping people attain more strength, increased flexibility, improved balance, and greater endurance. “Would you like to feel better than you did last year?” he asks. “Would you like to feel better at forty-five, fifty-five, sixty-five, seventy-five, or even eighty-five than you did at thirty-five? Or even twenty-five?”
In Stop Aging—Start Training: Look and Feel Twenty Years Younger (Basic Health Publications), Fichera explains and illustrates the three most important components of exercising—variety, proper technique and intensity.
His simple, effective program can be started in the privacy and convenience of your home—and it works for people regardless of how out of condition they are or what kind of fitness regime they currently have. There is a basic whole-body workout plan for first-timers, and the program advances from there. “A livelier, more energetic, youthful you” will be seen in as little as four weeks.
Fichera provides detailed exercise descriptions and photos that make it easy to correctly master the techniques taught. He categorizes exercises according to the specific muscles that are being targeted by each exercise, allowing individuals to focus on specific areas.
There is in-depth coverage of core strength development (essential because the core is the center for balance and strength), as well as clear instructions on the optimal sequential order in which exercises should be performed.
Stop Aging—Start Training contains advice, information, inspiration, and motivation, and it’s peppered throughout with useful, entertaining anecdotes drawn from the author’s experiences as a trainer.

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