Howard Beach will be getting cleaner streets thanks to extra trash pickups

Photo courtesy of Councilman Eric Ulrich’s office

More sanitation services are on the way to Howard Beach and other areas of southwestern Queens, a local lawmaker announced on Tuesday.

Councilman Eric Ulrich came to Howard Beach on Aug. 1 to announce that he had secured over $85,000 to expand the sanitation services in the district.

Joined by Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia, Community Board 10 Chair Betty Braton, Community Board 10 District Manager Karyn Petersen and other community leaders, Ulrich stated that the funding would be used toward a new initiative that will create additional trash pick-up locations, as well as mechanical broom sweeping services along Cross Bay Boulevard, between Liberty Avenue and 165th Avenue.

“Cross Bay Boulevard is a very busy commercial strip in this community. There are thousands of people that shop here and work here on a daily basis. It is a great challenge for Sanitation and local business owners to keep it clean,” Councilman Ulrich said. “Ensuring the cleanliness of the district is a top priority.”

The mechanical broom service will account for $26,000 of the funding. The service will occur overnight so that it does not limit parking along Cross Bay Boulevard.

The remaining $60,000 will go towards expanding trash pick-up in problematic areas throughout the district. Targeted areas for the additional trash pick up include Beach Channel Drive, 116th Street, Cross Bay Boulevard, 102nd Street, Coleman Square, Liberty Avenue, 160th Avenue, 165th Avenue, East 20th Street, 159th Road, 157th Avenue, 102nd Street and West 12th Street, among many others.

“We are thrilled to be able to partner with the Council Member to make sure that we are defining our services based on what the community really needs,” Garcia said. “The additional baskets that [the Councilman] has funded, as well as the the mechanical broom service, will help take this community to a new level.”